Playing Your Mind One Sexualy Second At A Time

Sexually"You Will Absolutely Love It When I lose It, You Will Love It When I Go There, You Will  Love The Way I Use It, You Will Love That I Don,t Play Fair. You Will Be So Tuned In And Turned Out That Your Sexy Lips Will Be Calling Mistress Lover And Baby Shame On You For Letting Me Touch Your Body In So Many Secret Places Bringing Fire And Desire To You Where You Thought You Lost It Whispering Dirty Filthy Nasty Things To Your Mind Body And Soul Capativing Your Eardrum Saying Things With The Wind In My Voice And Paralyzing Your Sexual Fears Bring Realistic Erotisness To Your Intelligent Mind Taking Passion On A Whole New Level Claiming Your Whole Body Mesmerising Your Soul Leaving You Sexually Shattered Mind Fu-king You  Opening Up One Door To Your Penis To Your Heart Bolt Locking Another Door That Only I Can Ever Open Touching You Here Licking You There Blow Drying Your Skin With Bedtime Kisses French Kissing You To Enternity Bring You Gaintic Orgasms Shooting Spasms All Through Your Body Heart Core Leaving You Breathless And Stranded As In A Maze Tell Me Your Secrets As Long As They Include Me I Got You Covered From A-Z Because I,m Every Woman Its All In Me Anything You Want From Me I,ll Do It Exceptionally
When You Leave Me And Walk Outside You, ll Say My Universe Is A Disaster I Need To Go Back For More I,m Just Your Savage Aggressive Tornado Hurricane Lover Just So You Know I,m Your Every Drop So Come To Me Darling And Let Me Have You Just Tell Me Now How Badly You Want Me How You Wanna Creep Inside Of Me And Shatter Your Every Thought How You Wanna Blast Off And Shoot An Atomic Bomb Inside Of The Three Holes On My Body Tell Every Prescription You Have And I Will Fill Every One Of Them
Your Sick Sweet Body I Will Cure You Of Your Ailes And Pains Come With Desire Leave With Fire Come Feel What Its Like To Be Treasured Come Stay For The Pleasure Come Feel Whats Real Touch On Something Great You Will Need Me Like You Need Breath 
I Am Beyond Your Porn Star Expectations 

I Am Now your Imagination Dream 

Come To Me Now

I Am Built With Ebony Curves And A Sweet Down To Earth Attitude That You'll Love. I Have Been Published in over 400 adult films, And Major Magazines And I,m Available To  Be Your Ultimate Dream Girl That Offers A True Bold Porn-star Experience. Babe Are You In Extreme Demand For The Best Of Things, Then I,m Your Search To really Appreciate Me,  Generous Is A Must. I'm sexy, Well-Educated, Well-Traveled, And Well-Experienced Provocative That Produces Maximum Excitement On Demand I Achieve All The Moves Skilled I know Many Different Styles And Different moves. By styles, I mean sensual, erotic, thrill-seeking, romantic, athletic, rough, S&M And Oh So Sweet I Am There Are A Trillion Signs That Let,s Me know That You, re Enjoying Me Alternate Between Rough, Sensual, Gentle, Sweet Firm. I Will Make A Quick Sweep Of Your Personality To Know We, re On The Same Eroticism Babe I Got You I,m Great At Reading Your Body Physiology I Am Extremely Effective. I Will Read Your Moves And Follow Them Exactly. For I Am Very Hot And  Dramatic/Brilliant And I,m The Kind Of Inspired And Innovative. I Will Absolutely Melts Your Heart And Steals Your Bed I Am Awesome In It All And Can Give You Some Of The  Most Immeasurable Incredible O,s You, ve Ever Felt  I Have Great Imaginations Because I Choose Imagination Over Skills... . I'm seeking a Generous and Professional Elite Generous Gentleman, Am The One And Only My Name Speaks For Itself  I,m Completely Very Sensual Sexy And    Wild, But Elegant And Very Beautiful. a Very Famous Legendary   Super Star She is hot and burns hotter than a flame you can never put Out She Is Wetter  Than Water Wow!! what a Super Star She Is Hot Hotter Than The Hottest Fire with a torch that has A Personality Sizzling Ring That Makes things Seem As If Nothing Ever Imagined Before she'll Blow you away every time she,s So Sexy and gorgeous now you know  Famously known She is liked no other Super Star, she has made many films Too Many To Name She Shot For Vivid WOW!!!! That Was Truly A Blast!  I,m Very Elite, I Deal With Prestigious Men Who Can Afford Me While I provide Them With King Treatment My Service Is Considered Excellent And Beyond All Expectation,s Lover  I Seek Very Discriminating Clientele And They Choose Me Because My Name  Speaks For Itself, I Offer Nothing Else But Elite   Service. "She's a real go-getter when it comes to her hardcore performances, and her stature can be intimidating to even the more seasoned X-rated studs. Her most notable role comes as the voodoo queen in Vivid Film's Immortal Desire. She also turns up in plenty of down and dirty videos, always getting her man. She Can Get get any man hard, with her over the top sexuality. What a way to go!

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Of The Legendary Most Famous  Mega Male Adult Film Super Stars

Ron Jeremy

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Lexington Steele

Rick Masters

Dave Hartman

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The Dragon Girl." -- Adam Film World Wow What A  Super Sexy Star She Is